b. damascus, syria  | 1977
ba mathematics | ucsc | 2001
mixed media | collage | street art
live/work | venice, CA


Hagop Belian is a mixed-media collage artist. His creatures are Totems that represent the merging of a human being with their spirit animal. He regards his creations as “medicine” offerings, as they are intended to bring healing and inspirational energy to the spaces that they adorn. The totems are unique and powerful and represent different cultures, race, and gender. These characters emerge as if they had always wanted to exist in the world and they demonstrate that we are all created from the same energy that unites us together as one global community. Hagop’s intention with the work is for people to recognize their own spirit and witness their strength of character reflected back to them.




Gjelina Restaurant Wall Mural, “Vespertine” – Venice, CA. – July
Private Residence Commission – Venice, CA. – June
Venice Art Crawl, “Music Connects Us” – Playa Vista, CA. – April
Art Share LA Door Mural, “Pulpa” – Los Angeles, CA. – March
Art Share LA, “High Priestess” Group Show – Los Angeles, CA. – March
Light on Lotus Yoga Studio Wall Mural, “Atlantis” – Mar Vista, CA. – February
The Street Art House, Paper & Fabric Production – Los Angeles, CA. – February



Keith&Co. Studio Wall Mural, “Behind the Cloud” – Glendale, CA.- October
Gjelina Restaurant Wall Mural, “Innocent” – Venice, CA. – October
Kaaboo Festival, “Prince” live install, Del Mar, CA. – September
Mophonics Studios Wall Mural, “Mrs. Puffs”, Culver City, CA. – September
In Heroes We Trust, “Totem” for Venice ArtCrawl, Venice, CA. – July
Inhale Venice:Art & Culture Wall Mural, “Behind the Cloud” – Venice, CA.- June
Venice ARTBLOCK, Open Studios, Venice Beach, CA. – May
LOSS Studio, “Ethereal Remix of the Status Quo” – Los Angeles, CA.- May
Rawvolution Restaurant Wall Mural, “Moth Braids”- Santa Monica, CA.- March
The Secret City, “Prophecy” – Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles, CA.- March
Delicious vinyl ” In Bowie We Trust”- Los Angeles, CA. January
Fabrik Expo, LA Art Show, Botart Intl. Collection, Los Angeles, CA.- January
Gjelina Restaurant Wall Mural, “Walrus Woman”- Venice, CA. -January


QArt Gallery-The Street Art House- Venice, CA August
Autonomie Projects- “The Book As A Work of Art” – Los Angeles, CA May
Gjelina – Behind The Cloud, Wheat Paste Mural- Venice, CA  April 2014
Open Studio – “Aristocrats”- Venice CA. – December
Walgrove Elementary School Mural- “Origami Birds”-Venice, CA.- November
Manimal Records- “Paper & Illusion”- Downtown Los Angeles- August
Venice ArtBlock- “Paper & Illusion”- Venice, CA.- May

Open Studio – “Aristrocrats”- Venice CA. – December
Walgrove Elementary School Mural – “Origami Birds”-Venice, CA.- November
Manimal Records- “Paper & Illusion”- Downtown Los Angeles, CA.- August
Venice ArtBlock- “Paper & Illusion”- Venice, CA.- May


Anatomy Revisited, Curbside Gallery, Santa Ana – January
Made of Hagop, Electric Lodge, Venice, CA – February


Sacred Memories: Cross-Cultural Celebrations Day of the Dead, Los Angeles – October

Create Fixate, “Stop:Pause:Now”, Los Angeles – July
The Hive Gallery, “Lovers and Haters”, Los Angeles – February

BAM Fest, Los Angeles – October
Abbot Kinney “Pop Up Gallery”, Venice Beach – June
Venice Art Walk, Venice Beach – May


Create Fixate, “Infinity”- December
Downtown Art Walk, The Surveillance Room @Spring Art Galleries, Los Angeles – April and August


Create Fixate, “Lucky 7”, Los Angeles – December (Placed second in “Best in Show”)
Cannibal Flower, “9 Year Anniversary Show”, Downtown Los Angeles – August


Black Maria Gallery, “Immigrant Punk Show”, Los Angeles – October
Create Fixate, “Reunion”, Los Angeles – December


Create Fixate, “Alive in Los Angeles”, Los Angeles – December
Gallery A.D., “Fresh Produce”, San Jose – December